First-class wireless charging with «andi»

Qi, wireless chargers, electromagnetic induction – these terms sound quite technical, but don’t worry. When using our wireless charging systems, all you have to do is connect the wireless charger to the socket or the cigarette lighter in the car. Once you connect your phone with andi, it will charge and be held securely in the meantime. 

The technology

Electric power is normally transferred via cable. When using electromagnetic induction, it is possible to transmit energy without cables. This form of wireless power transmission is particularly elegant, as it eliminates interfering cable connections between the charger and the smartphone. You might know the technology from electric toothbrushes.

The advantages of the andi effect

Thanks to the andi effect (patent pending), our solution is able to transport the energy more efficiently and avoid magnetic stray fields.

How it all began:

As new as this technology sounds, it was actually over a hundred years ago that Nikola Tesla discovered and patented wireless energy transmission under the name of "inductive energy transmission” in 1900. The pioneer of electrical engineering found that energy could be transmitted from one coil to another coil not connected to the same circuit via magnetic field. Tesla was a genius in the field of electricity and revolutionized our world through alternating current. He was far ahead of his time. We thank him for his discoveries and inventions.