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In september 2014 the apple company introduced with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the eight model series.

BlackBerry Z30

The BlackBerry smartphone, released in 2013, differs enormously from its predecessor (BlackBerry Z10). This is mainly reflected in processing.
The mini version of the Droid Ultra completes the line of the Motorola smartphones.
With the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Samsung remains true to its line. Learn how to integrate your Samsung Smartphone into your everyday life.
With the Galaxy Note 5 you have pen and paper always on hand. The Phablet lies very well in the hand and appears as a noble successor of the Galaxy Note 4.
The Asus PadFone S is a reliable full-HD smartphone with a good camera.
In 2012, the Japanese company launched the first smartphone with a SmartSonic Receiver-Technology.


The LG G3, internationally known under the model D855, appeared in May 2014 on the German market and was the first smartphone with a display resolution of 1440p.


The LG G4 is the worthy successor of the LG G3. The specifications are largely the same. A better back and front camera make even sharper photos possible.
With nearly 170 grams the user recognizes the powerful battery with 3900 milliampere hours. Despite this performance this model of Motorola is with 8.3 millimeters very thin.
With a proud 328 hp, the Japanese fulfills the wishes of a racing driver who does not have to dig deep into the bag at a price of 35,600 euros. The six-cylinder comes as a two-seater carbio and is very designed fluent and soft.
Since 1973, the Japanese car manufacturer has been doing a solid business with the Lancer. In the following years, current models were introduced to the market, which corresponded to the current standard. The five-door slanting hedgehog is particularly attractive for the middle class.
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