About us

The employees of TECFLOWER are daily users of numerous technical devices. In the past, the team had been working on and testing an app, and in the process, the charging of different end devices became tedious. This motivated the team to look for suitable solutions. While charging pads, for example, were available on the market, they were are neither functional nor aesthetic enough to blend into the elegant office surroundings well. The TECFLOWER seed was sown to address this problem holistically. We began developing first own products, and soon enough, competencies rose steadily and we were able to bring excellent specialists on board. TECFLOWER has developed into a recognized specialist in the field of wireless energy transfer and is flourishing thanks to ten full-time employees and an energetic network.

TECFLOWER builds bridges between humans and technology. „This really ought to be possible nowadays!“ This sentence is our daily motivation in finding solutions in the field of wireless energy transfer. We are the ones that close the gap between wishful thinking and reality.

Technology should support and enable individuals. One crucial part of that is eliminating annoying cables. Without these, technology can be used more efficiently and more flexibly. The integration of wireless loading into our daily life is in full swing. At the same time, the underlying technology of wireless loading is not new. Visionary inventor Nikola Tesla had already set this in motion over a hundred years ago.

TECFLOWER combines expertise in wireless loading and practical implementation to create elegant, customized and independent solutions. Last year we successfully launched the first productseries of andi - be free. Moreover, TECFLOWER supports companies on their way to a wireless life and helps them implement business ideas in the field of wireless loading by means of induction, resonance, WiFi, RFID and adequate electronics.