“Wireless charging with a twist”: Capi launches andi be free products at Schiphol

AMSTERDAM. Travel consumer electronics retailer Capi has teamed up with Swiss wireless charging specialist andi be free to bring “wireless charging with a twist” to customers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

To capitalise on the increasing importance of wireless in airport electronics retail, Capi has introduced andi be free docking stations and charging cases to its Lounge 2, Schiphol Airport store. The docking stations and cases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy mobiles from generation 6 use a patent pending technology to charge mobiles wirelessly and hold them magnetically.

To highlight the wireless charging products, Capi and andi be free have installed a robotic arm feature on the Action Marketing Table in Capi’s store. The robotic arm demonstrates how wireless charging works and how easy it is to move mobiles from one charging station to another, Capi said.

Martina Gromnitza, from Andi be free’s owner TECFLOWER, commented: Just like Capi’s assortment, our wireless charging solutions are perfectly suitable for travellers, enabling them to stay connected anywhere they want. Moreover, with our premium quality brand, we provide travellers with the latest innovations. Capi and TECFLOWER with its brand andi be free, turn out to be a great match, which is emphasised with the robot arm promotion.”


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